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I look normal, but have significant challenges

I was involved in an accident, I guess. Before this all began, I have two young children and a wife. I used to be a detective for the Fargo Police Department.

I was working on one of my pickups, underneath it, removing a metal skid plate. I was removing it and got to the last bolt and it was bent and it sprung out of the frame, it was under tension and it hit me in the right temple while I was laying on my floor, so there was nowhere for my head to go. My symptoms started to come on about three days later where I was starting to lose my memory and have difficulty talking and my left eye was basically pointed at the floor while my right eye was ahead and I saw double and the left side of my face went numb. I actually thought I was having a stroke, thankfully it wasn't that. My wife drove me to the ER and I found out I had a concussion and they just kept me for a few hours, did a CAT scan and said I didn't have a brain bleed, thankfully, and sent me on my way home.  

As time went on, it was about a week later, I started having significant memory issues to the point where I couldn't remember really anything anybody had just told me, and I was having a very difficult time talking. So, I went to see my primary physician and he thought I had post-concussion syndrome and recommended I seek therapy for it and he recommended Progressive Therapy Associates. From the time that I started therapy here, I had, obviously, some significant gains in the sense that I can hold down a conversation. My memory has significantly improved. I remember when I first started here I couldn't even really hold down a sentence, so treatment helped a lot in that regard. Other people didn't really understand my challenges in the sense that I look normal, but I have significant challenges, mainly cognitive and with my memory.

I guess the biggest thing that I'd like to share that helped me is to encourage people that it's ... You may feel very depressed and like there's not much hope in the beginning, but I would just encourage you to take that step and go to therapy. I honestly felt, initially, that there was little hope, but keeping working at it, I've seen the progress and that has given me hope and I continue to feel better about that each time that I see progress and I'm sure that anybody would if they continue to work at, they'll see progress. It might take a while, but you'll get there.

We see individuals with ADHD, traumatic brain injury, and concussion as well as stroke.

When people think about speech language pathology, they typically think about speech disorders or language challenges, which speech therapists can do, but here, we've just chosen to focus more on the cognitive aspect and when I say that, I mean things to do with focus and memory, speed of processing, planning, problem solving, organization, all those daily skills that help you to really function and organize your life.

If you're someone who's struggling with attention or memory or planning for instance, for a variety of reasons, you can self-refer. You can pick up the phone and call us at 701-356-7766. You can find us on our website and submit your information and come for a free consultation or your primary care doctor can also refer you for treatment at Progressive Therapy Associates.

Free Consultation
Qualified therapists

Our dedicated team of speech-language pathologists are specially trained in speech therapy as it relates to cognitive-communication issues (how you listen, process, focus, remember, and communicate). We are also nationally certified by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, are nationally recognized by the Brain Injury Association of America and are Certified Brain Injury Specialists (CBIS). We are licensed to practice in both North Dakota and Minnesota. We believe every patient deserves the best treatment and support we can offer in every single contact and interaction with us.

Individual approach

We recognize that no two people have the same needs and that everyone has different learning styles. That’s why we like to call our approach “the Progressive way,” which means we will happily customize treatment plans to meet the unique needs of the individual and their family. We also believe in “the right fit” between patient and therapist, so will make every effort to match you with a clinician who connects with you, understands you, and utilizes a therapy style that is comfortable for you.

We are here to help

Depending on the goals you wish to accomplish and the learning pace that is most comfortable for you, we will arm you with the evidence-based strategies, proven skills and ample support you need to feel more organized, prepared and effective. Therapy strategies may range from recommendations for specific tools (such as timers or planners), one-on-one brainstorming and problem-solving to address concerns, therapeutic activities as well as computer trials or worksheets to help strengthen cognitive and executive functions like attention, memory, and planning.

Coaching with compassion

We know that working on cognitive-communication issues is hard work and that it can be easy to feel defeated or overwhelmed by the challenges of building a more efficient brain. However, you will not be in this alone. We are not just speech-language pathologists; we are fellow human beings who care about you, your journey, and your success. We don’t want an appointment to feel like you’ve been sent to the principal’s office. Instead, you’ll find a comfortable space where you’ll feel listened to and understood. And because humor makes everything more bearable, be prepared to laugh and joke a bit too!