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Sara, treated for Encephalitis

When I began treatment at Progressive Therapy Associates, I was battling West Nile virus and encephalitis which caused neurological dysfunction, brain injury, fatigue, and several other symptoms. Never experiencing this before I was scared, confused, unsure if I would ever get well and didn't really understand what therapy could do to help me. From my first appointment I was treated by all staff with respect and care. My speech-language pathologist was very knowledgeable with the symptoms I was experiencing and was able to provide me a treatment plan after my evaluation. I felt hopeful for the first time in weeks. I would highly recommend Progressive Therapy Associates to anyone who is looking for knowledgeable, caring, and dedicated speech-language pathologists. I always feel like a person and not just a number or patient.

Jeremy, treated for Post-Concussive Syndrome

Professional therapy by experienced and caring people! They were and continue to be the most critical part of my recovery. I would never have come this far without them. Also, the amount of thought and effort put into my therapy was very comforting.

Maren, treated for ADHD

My experience has been far beyond my expectations. From the thorough testing to determine the specific areas I struggle with in my work and home life, to the detailed yet realistic goals and plans set each week. I loved how each session was geared specifically to my individual needs so it wasn't overwhelming for me and I was able to quickly build confidence through successfully meeting goals set. I would highly recommend Progressive Therapy Associates to others.

Jim, treated for Anoxic Brain Injury

Prior to my injury, I led a fast paced life and was considered a leader in my community. Following my injury, I found myself lacking self-confidence and the motivation for daily life. Memory loss and speed of processing has played a huge part in my life. The treatment I have received through Progressive Therapy Associates has made a world of difference in my daily life and daily functioning.

Sharon, treated for Post-Concussive Syndrome

Even though it is hard and I have to work on it every day, I am starting to be able to function again and do the things that I used to do like garden and manage my own affairs.

Laurie, treated for Traumatic Brain Injury

It has opened up a whole new area in my life in areas I thought I never could achieve.