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Managing life with adult ADHD



Life before treatment was ... it was very anxiety filled...



A little bit about myself. My name is Davin, I’m 36, and from Fargo. I’m a college student. I bartend, and I'm a father to my daughter, and husband to my wife.

Life before treatment was ... it was very anxiety filled, it was very complicated because I'm going through the motions of doing what everyone else expects me to do, but I'm not getting the same rewards or feedback as everyone else. It very much kind of takes all the momentum out of wanting to keep doing things. Keep being successful at things. You just kind of find your coast and that's where I was at. I found my coast and stuck to it.

My specific diagnosis is ADHD. It impacted my day to day life with inability to focus, prioritize correctly, and schedule. When I show up to things, I'm very good at them, but scheduling to show up at them, I'm impossible at it. That was basically my day to day life before treatment.

Treatment has been helping me be more engaged with my scheduling and prioritizing, so then the more engaged I am, the more recent things are in my memory and the better it goes from there. 

My diagnosis for ADHD came as an adult, it wasn't in childhood. Looking back, there were plenty of symptoms that should have been picked up on as I was growing up, but due to family issues, nothing was ever followed through or given the attention it should have. Once I became an adult and I had my own health insurance, I was taking care of myself, and my family now, then there became a point where, okay, now I can take care of this. I have a foundation underneath me that I can start dealing with these issues that I know I have, regardless if other people think they're there. As I sought professional help, my thinking that there were some kind of ADHD issues were reinforced and proven. 

I found Progressive Therapy through a professional recommendation, through somebody I was seeing for therapy and we had a conversation about executive functions, scheduling, and ADHD? It was recommended that this was a good place to go to, she heard a lot of good things about it, and so I made the phone call.

The care I got here, how it's impacted my life has been, to be engaged with my ADHD and not try to ignore. It is a problem that is going to be there. It's helped me be engaged and try to stay focused and accept failure as part of that engagement and keep moving on with it. It's been helpful. It's been good.

I'm very glad I found you guys. Very, very thankful. Things are optimistic now. I don't feel like I have to just keep treading above water. I don't have to look at the long-term goals in my life as being limited as much. They can be more, and it's realistic to get to these other goals that I feel like I can achieve now. Yeah, I'm very thankful I got here. Yeah. 

We see individuals with ADHD, traumatic brain injury, and concussion as well as stroke. 

When people think about speech language pathology, they typically think about speech disorders or language challenges, which speech therapists can do, but here, we've just chosen to focus more on the cognitive aspect and when I say that, I mean things to do with focus and memory, speed of processing, planning, problem solving, organization, all those daily skills that help you to really function and organize your life. 

If you're someone who's struggling with attention or memory or planning for instance, for a variety of reasons, you can self-refer. You can pick up the phone and call us at 701-356-7766. You can find us on our website and submit your information and come for a free consultation or your primary care doctor can also refer you for treatment at Progressive Therapy Associates.