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Recovery from a severe traumatic brain injury



Before my brain injury I was in a band. I was a waiter at a restaurant. A father of three, still am obviously. My life was busy.



Before my brain injury I was in a band. I was a waiter at a restaurant. A father of three, still am obviously. My life was busy.

My name is Heath, my diagnosis is severe traumatic brain injury.

My injury was caused by a car accident. Made life rough. Seriously, how else do you say it? It made it rough. I forgot things. I was fatigued a lot. I wasn't a very good family man after the accident. Before the accident, I was a great family man. After the accident, I was absent. If you're tired what do you do? You check out. You don't want to make yourself available. You just want to be away. You want to be invisible. That's how I got. That's where I was. I was tired a lot, so I didn't want to be around people. I think that much to my own fault, I tried maybe to show that I'm better than what I really am. And I think people just see me as, "Oh it's Heath, he's cool. Whatever." So, no. I would say they did not understand to the full extent of really what I've been through, what I go through. The gains that I am most proud of is that I'm more present, I'm more energetic, I'm better at my job. I'm still forgetful, but less forgetful.

Me and my wife have suggested Progressive Therapy Associates to a couple people for sure. And I would just say, everybody, especially in my situation, they second guess that they need help. And the fact is, we do need help. Go to this place, get help, do it 'cause it will help you. If you think you're good already, they'll make you better. That's my opinion.       

We see individuals with ADHD, traumatic brain injury, and concussion as well as stroke.       

When people think about speech language pathology, they typically think about speech disorders or language challenges, which speech therapists can do, but here, we've just chosen to focus more on the cognitive aspect and when I say that, I mean things to do with focus and memory, speed of processing, planning, problem solving, organization, all those daily skills that help you to really function and organize your life. 

If you're someone who's struggling with attention or memory or planning for instance, for a variety of reasons, you can self-refer. You can pick up the phone and call us at 701-356-7766. You can find us on our website and submit your information and come for a free consultation or your primary care doctor can also refer you for treatment at Progressive Therapy Associates.